How long is a PCR test for coronavirus valid? The validity period of the PCR test, when and who needs to take it
Blood is a liquid connective tissue that performs important functions in our body. Its main goal
Platelet count using the Fonio method (venous blood) (prescribed only in conjunction with the Complete Blood Count test) (venous blood) in Moscow
Detailed description of the study Platelets are nuclear-free blood cells, blood platelets. They are formed in red bone
Diagnosis and treatment of polycythemia in newborns
Prevalence in the world Almost 25% of the population is affected by anemia worldwide, the highest prevalence is
How to make a urine test bad: methods and answers from doctors
Thursday, January 31, 2019 Rare urination is often the reason for a visit to the doctor. The essence of pathology
Is it possible to fake pregnancy tests and fake pregnancy?
We tell you what you can find out about your health by receiving a form with the results of the study.
Monocytes are low in an adult - what does this mean, what are the reasons?
From this article you will understand what this means if monocytes are low in an adult.
Erythremia (polycythemia vera, erythrocytosis, Vaquez disease)
HEREDITARY FAMILY ERYTHROCYTOSIS (Greek erythros red + kytos receptacle, here - cell + -osis; synonym:
Uro in urine analysis. Content standards. Methods for normalizing indicators
Uro in urine analysis. Content standards. Methods for normalizing indicators Urobilinogen is a pigment
Colon View Hb and Hb/Hp test for occult blood in stool (detection of hemoglobin or hemoglobin/haptoglobin complex in stool) in Moscow
A fecal occult blood test is a laboratory diagnostic method that can detect the presence of
STI test: what is included and how to prepare for the test
If you have unprotected sexual contact with a carrier of the infection, you need to immediately get checked and get tested
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